Introducing Me

Hello to the person that’s currently reading this, or somehow managed to stumble across my blog site and are thinking where on earth are they. My name is Safa and I’m the writer/blogger behind ‘Supposedly Safa Talks’. On my site, I discuss my personal interests (formula One, current affairs in the news, medical ethics…) and share my thoughts on them to all of my readers. Blogging is something that I’ve always wanted to do, therefore I’m glad to be able to have this little site to record my views and talk about issues that matter to me and perhaps others around me too. Do feel free to voice your opinions in the comment sections below each post because I want my blog to spark interest and for your views to be heard particularly on my posts about current affairs because that’s what debates are all about- voicing different views on a particular subject, stimulating meaningful and challenging conversations.

Just a quick introduction about me… I’m 17, and I’m currently studying my A-Levels in school. I like really like love food just like pretty much everyone else in the world but I’m probably the biggest lover of chips and ketchup. I mean, I have ketchup all over my food where possible. Although, I strongly recommend not on your toast (that didn’t go down too well, ew).  I’m a Virgo, and I enjoy visiting new places and travelling (hence the little ‘My Experiences’ tab above). One of my main goals in life is to skydive out of a plane, BUT I’m scared of heights so we’ll see where that one leads to. I hope you enjoy reading  my blog and I look forward to sharing my thoughts, adventures and ideas!

(P.S. Apologies for any spelling mistakes that you may come across, I can get a little bit ahead of myself in the midst of all the excitement whoops)