Why I’ve been using Simple Skincare for 6 years and haven’t looked back since

Today, I wanted to talk to you about something of a personal interest of mine: skincare. I’m a HUGE lover of skincare and from a very young age, I’ve always been wanting to try new skincare products and make my skin as clear as it possibly could be. Fortunately, I am blessed to have inherited my mother’s genes when it comes to skin because I haven’t had acne nor do I suffer from skin conditions like eczema. However, that doesn’t mean that my skin is perfect either as I can often suffer from super dry skin and really red skin particularly around my T-Zone and nose.

About six years ago, my mother gave me my first Simple Skincare product and it was the Replenishing Moisturiser. Obviously as it was given by my mom, I used it and suddenly started to realise the huge differences in my skin. I no longer had dry skin around my nose or on my face, the redness significantly reduced and most importantly, I felt SO much more confident. Having noticing the new changes, I then decided to go Simple Skincare crazy and I purchased their toners, facial washes, moisturisers, eye creams, cleansers and like anything Simple that I could get my hands on. Seriously, if you know me and have seen me in Boots, you’d understand. Soon after purchasing everything, I tried to combine their different products together to form a day and night skincare routine especially during my early teen years when my skin would break out frequently and there would be an increase in the redness. I swore by the skincare routines I created for six years, even now I still use them, and I honestly haven’t looked back since. When I was younger, if I had eye pain from heavy concentration whether that was reading, studying or being in an exam hall for way too long, I’d put the revitalising eye cream under my eyes and instantly feel refreshed with an alert kind of feeling. You know those feelings when you splash cold water on your face and you’re suddenly awake and ready to start the day? Yeah, it felt like one of those moments and I loved it. I believe Simple Skincare is a skincare brand that is for everyone; dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, combo skin and basically every skin type in between. Being someone who wears barely any makeup, Simple Skincare is my saviour on days where my skin isn’t up to scratch or looking the way that I want it to, but also there are people who wear makeup everyday and do rely on Simple to cleanse their skin and make their skin be as pore-free, oil-free and as flawless as possible. I continued using Simple Skincare because they have a teen range which is particularly good if you have acne-prone skin or really oily skin and at the same time, they have age-rewind creams and lotions to help with wrinkles. I mean, I’m not saying I’m old, I’m only seventeen but with all the pollution, chemicals and bad stuff in the air, using wrinkle-free creams and moisturisers with SPF in them has got to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.


Obviously, if you haven’t guessed already, my entire skincare regime is just Simple Skincare but it’s a routine that took me a while to come up with. I want to share my daily skincare routine with you all so you can have a go too and tell me what you think.

During the day, I use Simple Facial Moisturising Wash with the Simple Exfoliating Wash (I use the exfoliating wash once a week) followed with the Simple Vital Day Cream Moisturiser with SPF 15. If I’m feeling tired or need something to wake me up, I sometimes use the Simple Revitalising Eye Cream under my eyes and that’s pretty much my routine in the morning. However, at night, if I have worn a little bit of mascara or a lipgloss during the day, I first tend to use the Simple Micellar Water or a Toner to clean my skin with cotton pads, or if I’m feeling super lazy, I’ll use the Simple Facial Wipes that come in small packs. I’ll then use a cleanser to clean my skin again and remove any excess dirt and oils. I’ll then use the same Simple Facial Moisturising Wash, as I used in the morning, to clean my face and then I’ll moisturise my face with the Simple Vital Night Cream. This routine probably takes me about 10 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening but it’s been one of the healthiest things that I’ve done for my skin. It had taken for me AGES to figure out how to make my own skincare routine, what products to use, which product to use where and I wasted so much money, however once I started using Simple, all those problems were solved. I especially love Simple Skincare products also because their prices are SUPER cheap. In Superdrug and Boots, most products can be found at less than 10 pounds, and sometimes even less than 5 particularly in sales. It’s easily accessible as you can purchase Simple from any local drugstore or even supermarket like Tescos as it’s not like some skincare brands where you have to specifically import goods from a specific website. I don’t really like that process to be honest.

If you do try out my skincare routines, please let me know in the comments below how it went for you and how you feel about using the products in my routine because different people like different products as everyone has different skin types so it’ll be really cool for me to know how you got on with your ‘skincare trials’ shall we say.

I hope you found my post useful and  that you slowly become a lover of Simple Skincare like I am!

Safa X


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