Hamilton triumphs in China

*deep breath* Right. Okay. I’m literally buzzing over this. The in-depth analysis into why ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ is called ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ isn’t even important right now compared to this.



I have to admit though, after watching the Australian Grand Prix and witnessing Hamilton unfortunately not on pole on the podium at the end, I thought, ‘Right, that’s the chances of this season being fun gone then.’ I genuinely thought this season would not be his, not because that I thought that he suddenly became an awful driver or something, but due to the fact that the first race of every season ‘sets the standard’ for the rest of the year. Everyone comes back from the winter break, having worked hard on their car, team drivers, fitness and plan for the new season, ready to show motor-fans and sport executives what they are made of. Therefore, winning the first race can be said to be almost somewhat intimidating for other teams as it can show who is really on the ball and who is not for the upcoming season. So, after seeing Vettel come first rather than the world’s favourite (or more like my favourite) come second, I thought to myself, ‘maybe Mercedes don’t have it in the bag this year. Maybe they aren’t as strong as Ferrari and Red Bull.’ But boy, was I wrong. Jheeze.  I don’t really want to jinx the season this year, but I’m kinda rooting for Hamilton’s fourth championship win to happen.

“It is going to be one of the closest championships, if not the closest I’ve personally ever experienced,” said Hamilton, aged 32, who is battling with Vettel, three years younger than him this year. “The scenario I am in right now, I am fighting against a four-time world champion, who is at his best and is phenomenally quick, and a Ferrari team which is the best they have been in a decade. I feel like I am at my best, too. The ultimate fighter always wants the best battle that you can have because, when you come out on top, it is so much more satisfying.”

It’s suuuuper early to call the 2017 World Champion already as Sebastian Vettel has won a race and Hamilton now too, so it’s equal all around, but Hamilton seems to be at his strongest again mentally and physically. Sure, it would be awesome to see someone from the other not-so known teams like Sauber or Toro Rosso to have one of their drivers win the championship or at least come head-to-head for the award, but that’s not so likely to happen unless they had a huge amount of funding over winter, improved their car by five seasons in advance and their drivers tried a vigorous ‘Tour de France fitness routine’ for 4 months.

“I love this fight that we are having and sitting there with Sebastian I was like, ‘this is going to go right down to the end of the season,’ and I hope for both of us there is nothing mechanical that will come in between our sheer battle through ability. I really hope it is an out-and-out fight through stubbornness, through mental stability, through fitness, composure and through just out-driving the person on track.” – Lewis Hamilton

Here are the current standings of the driver’s points table so far in the season:


P.S. Don’t ask me how Massa or Perez had to do 6 pit stops. You’re going to have to Google that because *facepalm* I don’t even want to go into it. Let me just say the Shanghai Grand Prix was somewhat eventful. Also, I think we also need to give some credit to Max Verstappen, the 19-year old Red Bull driver, because not only is he young and killing the game but he came third and won himself a trophy on the podium. Possible potential to become the next Formula One world champion, perhaps?

Although former Red Bull driver, Sebastien Vettel, didn’t win the Grand Prix, I think he has done fairly well considering he was attacked with buckets of bad luck throughout the race. First ‘bad luck’ moment that his Ferrari team pulled him into the pits to change to ‘slick tyres’ on just the SECOND lap as the virtual safety car had to be called to the track because new driver, Lance Stroll, had a collision with Sergio Pérez. Moments later however, Antonio Giovinazzi, the Italian who is filling in for the Pascal Wehrlein, crashed his Sauber for the second time. This meant Hamilton had the upper advantage here and his distance to Vettel was further increased and the win was moving faster towards his side. Adding to Vettel’s bad luck, he went on the outside of Riccardo at turn six nearly having a disastrous ending to the race as they banged wheels. However, they both managed to keep their cool and part away with no damage or collision taking place.

“Lewis did the best job,” said Sebastian Vettel. “We were unfortunate with the safety car. I tried to chase Lewis down as much as possible but I had the feeling every time I put a lap in he was able to respond. We were a good match. It could have been a different race, but it was a good recovery. We finished second and I am very happy with that.”

The next race is in Bahrain, so make sure you stay tuned to BBC One for more details. For further reading and gossip (because who doesn’t love reading about Formula One) here you go: Chinese Grand Prix 2017

Safa X


9 thoughts on “Hamilton triumphs in China

  1. Starr says:

    Not a fan of your stubborn support for the current adaminstrition at all, but I certainly respect and appreciate the work you put into reporting on BC, even if I don’t reach the same conclusion.


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